Benefits of Physical Activity To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Benefits of Physical Activity To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

The importance of being physically active cannot be emphasised enough. A regular exercise routine to prevent a sedentary lifestyle is applicable for everyone, irrespective of age, sex and other factors. An active lifestyle reduces the risk of diseases and cancer is no different. Physical exercise is believed to not only reduce the risk of cancer but also helps cancer patients recuperate after the necessary course of treatment has been completed. Dr. Amish V Dalal, an accomplished Surgical Oncologist, may suggest a specialist on request from his patients after a surgery to advise them on exercises for recuperation. The American Cancer Society recommends at least 150 minutes of weekly activity of moderate intensity for adults and 75 minutes of vigorous exercise.

Research studies by National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society reports that regular physical exercises can reduce the risk of 13 specific types of cancer. This comes as a wide contrast to popular studies that have found any links between cancer and physical activities to be inconclusive, with the exception of breast, colon and endometrial cancer. The American Cancer Society now associates physical activity to reduced risk of other types of cancers as well, like stomach cancer, liver cancer, oesophageal cancer, kidney cancer, myeloid leukaemia, blood cancer, multiple myeloma, as well of cancer of lungs, bladder, rectum, neck and head. While Dr. Amish Dalal recommends the necessary course of treatment, a regular exercise routine may help patients in receiving better outcomes.

Some recent studies also indicate that physical exercises may also result in shrinkage of cancer tumours. Researchers believe that the adrenaline rush that is the usual consequence of high-intensity exercises reduces the growth of cancerous tumours. They have concluded that the adrenaline plays an active role in circulating immune cells that are natural killers (NK) into the bloodstream. These natural killer immune cells infiltrate tumours that may be existent in certain specific body parts like the skin, liver and lungs. These immune cells are believed to eliminate cancerous cells. Apart from daily physical activities, a regular check-up with Doctor Amish Dalal, according to his advice, is essential for him to continue with the necessary line of treatment.

Physical activity after diagnosis of breast cancer may improve breast cancer outcomes by lowering the level of oestrogen in the body. Exercise may improve bowel movement, leading to reducing chances of contact with agents that cause cancer. Exercising may also reduce the production of insulin that may expedite the growth of cancerous tumours. After surgery by Amish Dalal, an experienced gynaecologist specialising in surgical oncology, patients may resume on their daily physical activity, based on the advice of medical practitioners.

A regular exercise routine that a cancer patient may follow depends on certain factors like age, ‘stage’ of cancer, existence of other health issues, amongst others. Here are a few recommendations of indoor and outdoor physical activities that cancer patients may opt for, depending on their age and area of interest:

  • Brisk or leisurely walking and jogging
  • Cycle; cycling at a comfortable speed
  • A sport like tennis, badminton or football
  • Yoga

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