How to detect Breast Cancer

How to detect Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can sometimes be diagnosed after the detection of usual symptoms because, in the early stage, the symptoms often do not become apparent or are not felt. Therefore, a daily self-examination often proves to be helpful in detected probable symptoms as early as possible. The moment you feel anything unusual like redness, change in size and shape of your breasts, or an unusual growth like a lump in your breasts or armpits which does not feel like a part of your breast tissue, immediately visit an oncologist for a check-up. Dr. Amish Vasant Dalal, a leading oncologist in Mumbai, an acclaimed authority on the subject and treatment of breast cancer.

After talking to patients and understanding their problems, Doctor Amish Dalal conducts medical examinations in order to carry out the necessary evaluation. Some of the common tests for diagnosing breast cancer are:

  1. Breast Ultrasound (Sonography)

Better known a Sonography, this method uses sound waves to detect whether there are any changes in the breast tissue, those that can be felt but not visible on  Mammogram. An ultrasound test also helps in differentiating between solid masses and cysts that are filled with fluid. Dr. Amish conducts the Sonography using his infallible judgement. Dr Amish V Dalal, is a veteran Surgical Oncologist and Gynaecologist with an experience of over 30 years in the field

  1. Mammograms

Mammograms are best described as the X-ray of the breasts. This is an effective method to diagnose changes in the breast tissue in cases where women show no visible symptoms of a breast anomaly. This medical examination involves taking two views of each breast, with focus on the suspected region. Amish Dalal conducts Mammograms at Jaslok Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Bhatia General Hospital, and Parsee General Hospital.

  1. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of breasts

An experienced oncologist like Amish Dalal is highly sought after for his expertise.He conducts MRI tests at the hospitals that he works with. As opposed to Mammograms that use X-rays, MRIs use radio waves and strong magnets. These waves enter the body and bounce-off, forming a pattern that is determined by body characteristics and the nature of disease. The pattern is transmitted by the computer into a picture, which is reflected on a screen. While conducting an MRI for detecting breast cancer, a contrast liquid known as gadolinium needs to be introduced into a vein before or while scanning for improving the quality of detection. Dr. Amish Dalalstudies the MRI and advises the next course of action.

Under the guidance and expertise of Dr. Amish Dalal, patients can rest assured that they receive the best care and treatment possible. He is available at the above mentioned leading Mumbai hospitals only by prior appointment.

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